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Lémur à ventre roux © MNHN - A. Iatzoura

Support the Museum’s zoos

By joining the Friends of the Haute-Touche Animal Reserve Association, as well as SECAS, you will be supporting the Museum’s zoological parks, including the Réserve Zoologique de la Haute-Touche (Haute-Touche Animal Reserve), and helping to safeguard animal species.

Friends of the Haute-Touche Animal Reserve Association

The Friends of the Haute-Touche Animal Reserve Association contributes to the construction and planning of enclosures for new animal species and the improvement of existing displays, as well as supporting educational activities and conservation programmes for endangered animal species.

The association regularly organises a significant number of cultural events in order to convey the message of wildlife species conservation.

Every year, quality jazz fans eagerly await the Jazz concert of the 14 August while residents of the region look forward to the Christmas concerts and the animal specialist conferences are always well received.


Becoming a member entitles you to receive the annual newsletter, which gives an account of all the association’s activities, and also gives you the privilege of being able to visit the Reserve all year round.

Les amis de la Haute-Touche
Mairie d’Obterre – 36290 Obterre – France
02 54 39 25 29


SECAS (Society for the Encouragement of Wildlife Conservation) supports rescue operations for endangered species initiated by the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle's (National Museum of Natural History) zoological parks.

If you wish to get involved with endangered species conservation while helping the animals in the Museum’s parks, please follow this link:


SECAS membership gives you unrestricted access to the Réserve Zoologique de la Haute-Touche.

SECAS (Société d’encouragement pour la conservation des animaux sauvages)
Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle
57 rue Cuvier – CP 31
75005 Paris
01 40 79 56 52